Saturday, December 31, 2011

Book Seven, Page Eight


Annotated Margins said...

Book Seven, pages Seven and Eight
I love minimalism, and the repitition of the airplane, but still keeping it minimalist... lends to a very open sky! (And the zoom to a close shot... great drawing of the airplane, by the way... perspective and all.)

Rachel Fenton said...

Oh, thanks, Mike - I'm a bit of a contradiction - I love minimalism, too, and lost of art deco sleek stuff - but I also love art nouveau and all the fine bitsy details. Ideal room - all white and empty but for a piece of sculpture and/or art I could change regularly - next door would be a pit of random cushions and throws - see, it would never work...

There are a lot of people with light aircraft around here and many photo opportunities - plus there was a chap who crashed one and a lots of pics of his plane in former glory days made it into the local rag.

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